Forget Chaterera-Zambuko on Rhodesian Army Records

April 14, 2021
On Zoom

Dr. Forget Chaterera-Zambuko, Post-doctoral Fellow at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, will read from her forthcoming book chapter, “NgaadzokePlease: A Dare / Inkundla for the Rhodesian Army Records.” This work uses ideas of communal listening in traditional Zimbabwean jurisprudence to consider the affects of archival displacement from Zimbabwe to the United Kingdom. Providing a space for the responses of archivists to this ongoing dispossession, the chapter echoes the calls to radical empathy now being made in Western archival discourse. The chapter will appear in a volume called Disputed Archival Heritage, to be published by Routledge. The reading will be followed by a discussion moderated by Kylie Goetz.

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